Winter Cleansing and Lyme (Call Recording)

** The Winter Cleanse starts on February 1st. **

The 21-Day Winter Cleanse is about:

  • Strengthening, Building and Nourishing your Body
  • Increasing Immunity
  • Gentle Detox during the Winter Months


In our Live Q&A Call with Marc Weill (Core Care Center, SF), we cover in detail the Winter Cleanse, why we need it, and what makes it different.

We also answered listeners' questions.

Listen to the call recording here:

Or right-click to download the recording here.


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This Winter Cleanse is WAY MORE than just information, it's...

  • Guidance from medical doctors and health experts
  • Support and Care from our Lyme Less Live More community
  • Connecting with others who understand in our Private Facebook Group
  • Your questions answered during our Live Q&A calls (6 Live support and Q&A calls over 4 weeks)
  • Simple, powerful and easy to follow
  • The next step in getting stronger and feeling better

And the best part is... we're doing it with you!

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We'd love to have you.

In health,

-- Dana and Brent

"I love what you at Lyme Less Live More are doing to help the Lyme community. You're the best resource around and I recommend your site to everyone dealing with this disease.. Thank you for all you do!" -- M