As we collectively reflect on the year past and what’s to come, I have one wish for all of us — more LOVE. Not necessarily romantic or family love, but instead the Universal love that embodies all relationships with others, ourselves and the planet. Hoping this is the best year yet and remember LOVE is... Read More

How to Avoid Feeling Worse Over the Holidays Hydration: If things are flushing out of your system regularly, you have a much better chance of eliminating toxins and feeling better overall. Hydration doesn’t just mean water. Electrolytes are key. That is why Marc recommends adding a pinch Himalayan Salt to every bottle of water. Also,... Read More

It’s hard to image that it’s been 2 years since we connected. For that we are truly sorry. SO much has changed and yet, the things that matter most at this time are the foundations of LLLM — love, light and community heart. There is so much to say and catch up on. We're kinda... Read More

If you know anything about the effects of chronic fear on the body, you would be like me— afraid of fear! “Nothing to fear but fear itself” couldn’t be truer in this moment. And yet, we are being spoon-fed it daily. Should we fear the Coronavirus? No! Fear will only break down your immune system.... Read More

What a great call with Dr. Jay Davidson (host of the Parasite Summit and Lyme Disease Summit) on eliminating parasites for renewed health! This call was packed with information (replay is posted below). We covered: Types of parasites Places of exposure Key symptoms of parasitic infections Order of treatment How often to treat? Dealing with... Read More

This Summer while attending a fancy networking event, I heard a featured speaker say, “Authenticity is hot right now.”   Hot? Right now? Being authentic is a trend? I had to giggle to myself. Well, if that is the case, I got that marketing pearl covered. Authenticity is one of the gifts that comes from... Read More

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