What Scares Me the Most... (Call Replay)

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

If you know anything about the effects of chronic fear on the body, you would be like me— afraid of fear!

“Nothing to fear but fear itself” couldn’t be truer in this moment.

And yet, we are being spoon-fed it daily. Should we fear the Coronavirus? No! Fear will only break down your immune system.

Is there a need to be more AWARE and take appropriate action? Yes!

We are deep inside our Winter Sessions but wanted to extend this call recording to you because we want you to feel supported in this unsettling time.

Listen to the call here:

Right-click here to download this MP3.

In our call with Marc we discussed:

  • Virus, immunity and the effects of fear
  • Positive outcomes of the Coronavirus?
  • Why the world is acting like Lyme patients
  • Why fear creates a perfect breeding ground for virus
  • What breaks down our immunity (hint: EMR, stress, toxins)
  • Balancing— building the immune system, eliminating pathogens, functional daily detox
  • Remineralizing the body for health
  • Why good stomach acid is critical
  • The power of Seasonal Eating
  • Regulating body temp for immunity
  • Cold—Fear—Kidneys
  • Changing Seasons—cold and flu symptoms that are not pathogen driven
  • Contrast showers and baths
  • Importance of a controlled fever
  • Uses of hyperthermia treatment
  • Treating Virus… moving lymph, nutrition, elimination and protection
  • Plus: Immune boosting supplements, tips for healthy travel, and we took your questions.


xo Dana, Marc (and Brent)

PS... The call is 1.5 hours. Take your time with it.

I also made this video before the call discussing how I am approaching the Coronavirus, top supplements, and negotiating with Fear.

My full fleet of allies at this time.

I use as needed. We are so blessed to know.

Standard Process:

Vitanox (antioxidant, liver and circulatory support) —Rosemary, Green Tea, Grape Seed and Turmeric

Livton (Liver support)— including globe artichoke, Dandelion, Milk Thistle

SP Cleanse (blood cleansing, liver, kidney, lymph support) including barley grass, red clover, Spanish black radish etc

Congaplex (immune support) Vitamin A and glandulars— (not suitable for vegetarians.

Sinus support-- Restore Nasal Spray

Herbal Viral Support:

Brand: Herb Pharm


Lemon Balm


Dr. Appleseed's Elderberry syrup

Immune support

Mercola D3 + K2

Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C

AHCC Mushroom complex

Fire Cider— Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Citrus, Ginger, Garlic, Horseradish, Turmeric, Habanero pepper

Super Lysine Immune


Argentyn Silver

Biocidin Throat Spray

Essential oils:

Young Living — Thieves (antimicrobial)

Raven (Lung support)

Zand — Elderberry/Zinc Lozenges

Four Sigmatic — Medicinal Mushroom beverage


Fortune Delight Tea, PowerPak Electrolytes

Lymph Support

Physica—Lymph 1, 2 and 3 plus, Viratox


Briotech Hypochlous acid spray

Gomasio-- Seaweed (iodine) Sesame seeds— Vitamin T for immune cells and calcium.

and FAITH + Joy!!!

xo Dana

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