Over-Indulgence Remedies and Holiday Tips

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022

How to Avoid Feeling Worse Over the Holidays

Hydration: If things are flushing out of your system regularly, you have a much better chance of eliminating toxins and feeling better overall. Hydration doesn’t just mean water. Electrolytes are key. That is why Marc recommends adding a pinch Himalayan Salt to every bottle of water. Also, fruits and vegetables are a source of perfect water for you body — eat them in abundance!

Enzymes: Chronically ill people almost always have lowered enzyme production. Consider taking enzymes before each meal to help digest your food (we like these).

Chewing: Do not underestimate the power of chewing your food!! It’s just common sense. When you chew well, enzymes are secreted, lymph moves and the whole digestive process is easier. Also, it’s much more work on your body to digest large pieces of food. And when your body is preoccupied with trying to digest "less than optimal food" and large pieces, it’s taking energy away from your immune system and healing your body. Food for thought.

Probiotics: We all know we need them, but it’s even more important during times of more stress, travel and the possibility of over indulging. If you are taking probiotics in a supplement, keep at it. We like some probiotic foods too. If you have access, we like the Kevita brand probiotic drink. Their Ginger Chili blend is great for this season. Tangerine and Lemon Cayenne are our favorites too, try for yourself. We like Kevita specifically for the probiotic L-Plantarum. Donna Gates (author of "The Body Ecology") taught us in the Spring Cleanse that L-Plantarum is a very hearty probiotic that can live through antibiotic treatments and supports other species. Kevita makes a great substitute for a cocktail or champagne. Serve it in a nice glass you won’t feel like you are missing out a party. Also, Bio-K is a wonderful dairy-based probiotic drink. If you can handle dairy, this is a great product. As well, we like kefir — we prefer goat over cow. And finally, we approve of and adore Miso. It’s wonderful this time of year too. Miso is loaded with probiotics and enzymes and has chelating properties. Something to consider. Great for upset tummy.

Charcoal: Charcoal is a fantastic binder. It will bind toxins in a flash. In fact, it’s so good at binding it will take up any supplements or meds, so always take charcoal away from your protocol. Take several charcoal after drinking wine to avoid a hangover! Charcoal can chelate metals and bio-toxins as well. Be careful not to take too much because it can be constipating. Drink plenty of water!!

Oops! You ate too much? Here's some Over-Indulgence Tips:

Gastrex: A standard process product. It contains bentonite clay, liver support, and support for small intestines. Can handle just about any gastrointestinal disturbance like a belly full of gas. ick! Standard Process Product (call Marc's office to order)

Cholacol: We love good fats like butter, ghee, coconut and olive oil, but can we digest them. Cholacol is a bile salt product. This is used to help your gallbladder handle dense fats. This product is so effective it’s almost miraculous. A must for those with gallbladder weakness or congestion. Standard Process Product (call Marc's office to order).

Nux Vomica: homeopathic remedy for digestive upset. Brings relief for bloating, nausea, gas, heartburn and indigestion from overindulgence in rich foods and alcohol. A wonderful remedy to have with you during the holidays.

Enema: Enemas are your reset button. We talk much about them throughout our programs. Remember... you MUST be warm and hydrated with electrolytes (water plus salt). Tip: Drink Miso during an enema to stay warm and replenish electrolytes and probiotics.

** NOTE: Please remember... when adding any new food, herb or spice to your diet or protocol, please be sure to check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Everyone is so unique and we can't possibly know your background and health history. Choose what works for you.

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