Raw and Unfiltered (Zoom call!)

Friday, November 18th, 2022

Well friends, since it’s been so long we think it’s time we talk.

Join us for our first ever Zoom call.

When: Sunday, November 20
Time: 11:30am Pacific / 2:30pm Eastern

Zoom Call Link is Here (no registration required)

We’d like to share a snapshot of where we’ve been and our intentions for the Fall session together with you.

Please forgive us in advance if we are a bit rusty.

Looking forward to reconnecting.

Mucho Love!

xo Dana and Brent

PS... Another serious/silly video for you...

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  • I 100% understand what you mean Dana. I went into this work and got over 900 hours in the last 3 years in stress management, breath ratios specific to each individual, lifestyle adjustments, yoga therapy, and basically resetting the nervous system to help myself and others come back to a centered place. Working our immune systems on all levels is just necessary for healing, not always the pills.

    I’m so happy you are all back :)

  • Love you both! I was very excited to see your email in my inbox. Like you said Dana, I have found myself in the deepest depth of low-seems like it’s never ending. But, on the other hand I also felt the silver lining in all of this and have grown so much on a personal level. I’m ready to stop hiding, less people pleasing, more authentic expression, and release my fear of rejection and abandonment. More embodiment!

  • Good to see you both again 🙏🏼

    On aging Dana, the lines created in a woman or a man’s face “the Lines of Wisdom” show the many experiences and trails we have walked in our lives, which only make us stronger, as we all survive and thrive through the Virtues we have chosen to learn from, and as such, we, The Elders’ are the best models for the young to help teach through our experiences how we endeavor to live our lives with Compassion, Humility, Wisdom and Bravery.
    So embrace the aging process for it is a gift and a right of passage, to hide beneath what once was only masks who we really are.
    Let the wind blow through you embrace your beauty and “Be”
    With blessings and light
    Elide 🙏🏼🌼🙏🏼

  • So thrilled to see you guys in my inbox! I’ve missed you so much! And I am so totally relating to all that you describe, experiencing the last 2 to 3 years. It’s so difficult to explain to non-empaths. And the hormone thing!!! I’m so excited about reconnecting… So grateful to you for your effort… It is truly a gift.
    Thank you and many blessings to you both – ❤️


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