C'mon... Just give it a Chai... Chai is a delicious beverage with a wonder medley of healing spices, including Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Cardamom, and Fennel. [Read more about their healing properties here...] We highly recommend drinking more Chai and adding these spices into your meals as a way to prevent and eliminate parasites. Chai puts... Read More

Figs, almonds, and coconut are all healthy super-foods in their own rite. Figs, in particular, are an incredibly nourishing food, as well as a gentle and effective anti-parasitic and can help with elimination. Figs contain an enzyme called ficin that is a well known parasite remedy worldwide. We created this "Treat-ment" as part of "The... Read More

Hi LLLM friends! We are just leaving Pasadena after the Bulletproof Conference held by Dave Asprey. Wow! Deepest respect for this man that has come from a pain-riddled infected body to hosting 1,200 people committed to health -- body and mind. We've always had a connection with Dave since his interview with us in the... Read More

We receive a lot of love and appreciation at Lyme Less Live More, but not every email or Facebook comment is all sweetness and light.  Although far from perfect, we have moved forward with only one intention: to bring relief. Recently, a Facebook exchange has inspired us to write another blog post. We posted on... Read More

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