De-cluttering our Lives (Step 1 for Cleansing with Lyme)

Monday, April 27th, 2015

clothes lying down FB JPGIn our Lyme Less Live More Spring Cleanse, we are looking at all the opportunities that we can detox, cleanse, and clear body and mind.

Before we start to unburden and "de-clutter" our bodies we need to make a clear space. Clearing and organizing your physical space makes room for new and fresh possibilities in your life. And, it doesn't have to be a lot.

Listen to this short excerpt from a Fall Cleanse "Huddle" about "De-cluttering Our Lives." We talk everything from laundry to supplement overwhelm. Get Inspired!

Right-click here to download this MP3.

Do you own a lot of stuff or does your stuff own you?

Step one in our Lyme Less Live More Spring Cleanse is to de-clutter our lives.  Dana tackled her old supplements bottles, and Brent is working on his piles of laundry... what do you need to clean out?

Choose a closet, cabinet, desk, bathroom drawer, supplement cupboard, handbag, refrigerator -- anything as long as you do it!

Lyme Less Spring Cleanse Declutter JPG


And... we want YOUR before and after shots! We are sharing them inside our Spring Private Facebook Group.

Also, great article here about how de-cluttering is the first step in feng shui and relieving negative thinking, depression and pain.

Clearing the way!

Dana and Brent


PS... Our Spring Session registration is NOW open.  Learn more about how to get in here.


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