On the Road with Lyme and U2 (Dana's look back)

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Looking back at my time on tour with U2, filming Under Our Skin, and getting in with Dr Klinghardt for treatment, I never let Lyme stop me.  In 2005, a year after FINALLY being properly diagnosed...  Lyme wasn't going away, but my dreams were.  I set out to change that.

July 27, 2005:

After almost a year to the date of being unemployed, I decide to take the job on tour with U2.  Here's my answer to the email asking about my availability...  (click on the letter to zoom in)

Dana Walsh U2 Lyme Tour Email 1 (Win It - Pic) Under Our Skin

September 13, 2005:

Four days on the road with U2 and feeling the shock... we're not in Kansas anymore!

Oh how truly "unglamorous" touring can be...  (click on the letter to zoom in)

Dana Walsh U2 Email 2 P1 (Out Here) JPG Under Our Skin
Dana Walsh U2 Lyme Tour Email 2 P2 (Out Here) Under Our Skin

November 2, 2005:

Mid-way through the U2 tour and the pain is as loud as the music!!!

Reaching out to my ONE Lyme friend, Shelley...  (click on the letter to zoom in)

Dana Walsh U2 Lyme Tour Email 3 (East Coast Beyond) Under Our Skin

November 22, 2005:

Email to Andy Abrahams Wilson after our first interview for UNDER OUR SKIN.

(and the band's priest prays for me)...

Dana Walsh U2 Lyme Tour Email 4 (Andy) Under Our Skin

November 30, 2005:

My plea to get into see Dr. Klinghardt so I can go around the world with U2.  Yes, I dream big.
(click on the letter to zoom in)

Dana U2 Lyme Tour Email 5 (DK) Under Our Skin

January 1, 2006:

Happy New Year's!

Coming home from U2... now what?

Dana Walsh U2 Lyme Tour Email 6 (New Years) Under Our Skin

July 18, 2006:

8 months after my request, I finally get an appointment to see Dr. Klinghardt!
Dana Walsh Dr Klinghardt Email 7 (DK Clinic) Under Our Skin
Years of recovery.

June 15, 2013:

7 years later, I spend a week at a meditation retreat praying for my partners
and allies for my next adventure.

Upon my return home, I am introduced to Brent Martin (through email),
and Lyme Less Live More is born!

Dana Walsh Brent Martin Email 8 (BnD) Lyme Less Live More Email

The Road happened, The Film happened, Klinghardt happened, and so many more amazing surprises, and NOW a Lyme Less Live More community is HAPPENING!

Dana Walsh Lyme Less Live More Interview Screen Cap JPGI share more of these events in my talk "The Fight vs Deep Surrender" on Lyme Less Live More and ways I learned that the present moment is our key to health and life.

Do not miss a day in your life... despite the suffering.

My life looks nothing like I imagined it, but somehow it's more fulfilling
than I could have ever dreamed.

Thank you for being with me.


Dana Walsh

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  • Really lovely. So encouraging! I have been wondering how you dealt with tour, got into Klinghardt and how Lyme Less began! Thank you! You've manifested so much!

  • Keep rockin' it sweetheart!

  • What a touching story of your journey! My how you have made lemonade out of lemons! So proud to have known you and to see you inspiring so many to live healthy with or without Lyme!!! You have always been a teacher and it's so cool to see how you have incorporated your gifts into helping others. Many blessings to you! Sorry for that crap when I was your roomie my first time in SF. Must connect again. Best, Hugs from
    Texas - Cara

  • Thank you for the inside peek into life on the road with U2 and how you dealt with your illness during that time. I have been a huge U2 fan since day 1 as well, so it seems like a dream come true to have been able to tour with them. Obviously it was not all glamor and glitz for you!
    It is my wish that Bono and the gang will get on board with Lyme, like they have done with AIDS, RED and ONE. It could add so much to getting Lyme the recognition it deserves to further research.

    • I was told 4 yrs. ago that Dr. Klinghardt was not seeing patients anymore. Is it possible that I misunderstood? Does he still see you? Is there still a waiting list? I have been sick for 8 yrs. I have had an IV into my heart for antbx. and shots and pills..... still sick. You are my idol. You are an inspirational role model of hope. Thank you for being you, Nancy Scates RN

  • Interested to see if you lost and or regained any physical strength.
    brief history
    April 2000 Optic Neuritis
    Spring 2001 : Expected future health challenges, so I spent two months in Himalayas
    April 2004 : 1st MS diagnosis
    May 2006: Disability retirement
    Aug 2006 : 2nd MS diagnosis
    March 2008 : 1st Lyme diagnosis
    stopped driving. currently use a scooter to move around

    REALLY REALLY looking for way to get my life back!

    • Hi Eric,
      Just another member of the LLLM community here….your comment caught me. I'm so sorry for all of your suffering. I wish there was a smoking gun as to why we stay sick despite treatment (I've had it for 16 years), and also wish there was that magic bullet of sustained relief….but just wanted to tell you, I used to not be able to stand for longer than 30 seconds without searing pain; now, on good days, I can walk for 45 minutes. I guess we just have to dig deeper, just when we think we've already hit bottom…Im praying that you will turn a corner soon!

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