From Lyme to Bulletproof

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Bulletproof Conference Butter Car Hi LLLM friends!

We are just leaving Pasadena after the Bulletproof Conference held by Dave Asprey. Wow! Deepest respect for this man that has come from a pain-riddled infected body to hosting 1,200 people committed to health -- body and mind.

We've always had a connection with Dave since his interview with us in the Core Series, and after hearing his Lyme/Mold story. But this month we got to know Dave even more. You see, we shared his "Moldy movie" preview with our community a few months ago and not surprisingly, we had a big response.

As a thank you, Dave invited a small group to come to his Bulletproof Labs on his property on Vancouver Island! We spent an amazing two days biohacking, eating beautiful food and even had the great experience of having Dave interview us for his latest podcast! -- Watch it here!

BP Dave Trip Collage

Dave inspires us to think of what is possible if we persevere and take consistent steps towards optimum health. Yeah, we drank a lot of coffee (maybe too much it's so delicious), and now we are excited to bring you more recipes using some of Bulletproof's superfoods in our upcoming Fall Cleanse (starting November 14).
Every bit counts.

Take today and Keep Going,

Dana and Brent

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