"Feeling Good Is So Close" (Full Interview)

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Feeling Good Close JPGWhen we have Lyme (and associated illness) we often get stuck feeling like this is going to be forever. We search long and hard for the next “magic bullet” only to feel more lost.

It seems we get so focused on “a cure” that we lose touch with the fact that our body needs some fundamental things to heal and to stay well.

And often, these essentials (although not directly killing the bugs) make a profound difference in how we feel.

As part of this week's "Summer Open House," Dana and Brent discuss with Marc Weill "Self-Care Tools to Navigate Recovery" (full interview below).

Here's a short clip about how close feeling better can be
[5 minutes]:

"Sometimes I'm just 2 nights of good sleep away from feeling AMAZING!"

Listen to our FULL Interview (with Q&A) here [90 minutes]:

(see topic list below)

Download: Right-click here to download this full interview.

In this call, Dana, Brent and Marc Weill discuss:

  • Microbe bi-products causing symptoms
  • Why herxing isn’t a good long term strategy
  • The 3 critical foundations for recovery
  • Lymph and acid pH
  • Buffering acidic toxins (and pain in the body) with minerals
  • How toxins steal energy from digestion
  • Blood sugar and the immune system
  • Food fears
  • Food reactions vs detox reactions
  • Feeling better is closer than you think
  • The power of Oxytocin
  • Live Q: How to manage fears of eating out and parasites
  • Live Q: Anxiety, panic attacks: minerals, copper toxicity, EMF exposure
  • Live Q: Choosing a treatment path and trusting your body again

Marc Weill Lyme Less Live More Detox GuruMarc Weill is founder of Core Care Center in San Francisco and New York. His main focus is treating chronically ill patients, with special focus on Lyme disease. Marc comes with enormous breadth of knowledge and 40 years of hands on experience. He is down to earth, relatable, (funny) and makes complex issues simple to understand.

We are so honored to have Marc as a faculty member of Lyme Less Live More and a core asset in our Seasonal Cleanses.

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