12 Lyme Less Live More Lessons

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

We are celebrating today, two years of creating programs to facilitate HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION.

It's been our greatest HONOR.

We have lost much to Lyme, but the lessons are PRICELESS.

Thank you for being with us.

xox Dana and Brent

Here are 12 LYME LESS LIVE MORE LESSONS (learned):
12 Live More Lessons Verticle 3

  1. Our suffering doesn't make us SPECIAL — how we handle it does.
  2. Our sensitivities are a sign of STRENGTH — not weakness.
  3. One size doesn't fit all. Our illness is UNIQUE and so too is our recovery.
  4. To heal, cleansing is required:  body, mind and SOUL
  5. We can love toxic people, but we don't need them in OUR LIVES.
  6. We mustn't solely rely on doctors/medicine to take CARE of us. They can only do so much.
  7. We are in control of how we FEEL and the emotions that we generate.
  8. Our bodies need the basics to HEAL: good food, water, love and connection.
  9. DnB Spring Mountain 2 Pic JPG
  10. People are so much DEEPER after they have suffered.
  11. We live on this PLANET, so we are a part of every problem (and every solution) — including Lyme disease.
  12. We are NOT BROKEN.
  13. We are NOT ALONE.


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  • Love 11 out of the 12 and just want to give some feedback as this list is a touchstone for so many of us. You may have already bounced this around....#9....do we really want to perpetuate that belief...tell ourselves ( and others, do we want our kids to read that) that suffering makes us deeper...think #1 sums it up perfectly....#9, let's compost that as a belief....really, we can suffer over anything, alcoholics suffer everyday, maybe #9 is about forgiveness, that is a big part of the journey, or trust,or, maybe there's 11 lessons....anyway, just sharing feedback...sharing my thought with gratitude and appreciation and lots of love..jill

    • Aha Jill! Yes, very true. We took that quote from a Dr. Klinghardt interview. He spoke to us about how the suffering made his patients wake up to love and compassion-- like coal into a diamond.

      I think I will change it to my own feeling: Pain is the greatest teacher.

      Thank you for being with us on the Spring Cleanse and contributing so much.

  • wonderful to hear your lessions. ThANKYOU. I have late lyme and struggle and won a full scholarhship to Omega Workshops 3 day late lyme workshop. This is what I hoped from you, but it is a business, and you've had no free enrollments for me. I listeN to your free offerings and apprecuate
    If you ever need photos of moods or cures, treatments, and find one on my site, I am open to trade. My lyme started in 97, took 3 years to get someone to test me, and 140 bottles of antibiotics..improvement..then mold in my renovated Chelsea Hotel set me back, so we had not choice to move out and leave life of 20 years behind. Our apt is now 4399, to find something livable like we had, so we left nyc. That brought stress, more swollen eyes and a double bone on top of foot more eaten up by some kind of arthritis??? *lyme) So hopefully I will learn some ideas at Omega..it was such a big loss toloose my home I could afford.
    I have tried cats claw and grapefruit for 2 mon and helped and then stopped. If i learn something on trip to Omega, can share, maybe you want me to ask something. For many years I Omega's their photos of their 'top' speakers before Lyme, but the lyme blew up my hand so much I couldn't hold my camera. My 'TB AIDS DIary was the art in their cafe in 1989. So fitting they wish to help me, head out june 26, my 66 bd. linda

  • Thank you Dana and Brent for this deep sharing, devotion to help others in suffering and won hard guideposts this morning. This beautiful morning here in Atlanta shines as I gaze in wonderment through a body racked in pain, a mind cloaked in weariness, and a spirit longing to go home as the future is not recognizable to me. I am at a loss, as so many, to find literate, compassionate practioners. So often utterly alone on this journey in seeking to understand this disease and the multiple systemic breakdowns I struggle deeply for coping skills inside of who I am. Today, is one of those, where there was no interior light until this portal of lovingkindness you created in an energy field of technology arrived for me, for us. The Light pierced the loss of hope. An afterthought arose, I can do this. Brave souls are out there of whom I will never know incarnate but in a spiritual field, we meet here. Words fail to convey the abundant gratitude extended to both of you. My dream now as yours, to help others through this. With much love to you on this special day. Ameliaxxxooo

  • I just love your work, thank you for all you do.

  • Great list of lessons Dana and Brent. There are lessons that I learned from my recovery that I will use to grow and improve for the rest of my life.


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