Accessing Your Life Force to Heal Lyme with Master Mingtong Gu

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

tumblr_njnzi56I6R1qattv1o7_1280Anyone who has suffered from Lyme Disease or chronic illness can tell you that it often feels as if we are “disconnected” from life. It’s as if we are looking through a window and watching it all go by from behind the glass. We can see life but we aren’t connected to it.

Conversely, when people recover from illness, they say “I got my life back.” This may mean a job, a relationship and the ability to do the fun things they once did -- but did life ever really leave?

"How can life leave you? The Universe never stops, and you are a part of that Universe. Just as a cell is part of the larger body."

In ancient methods of healing, an individual’s health was often measured in terms of how much “life force” or “Chi" a person has in their body. Often it’s our mind that separate us from accessing this free and all pervasive healing energy field.

Your body may be broken and tired, but life force is all around you and at all times. Even the most tired body can learn to access our primal nature -- our life force, our chi. After all, we are made of stars.

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This past Spring we had the pleasure to interview Master Mingtong Gu, a revered Chi Gong master and healer.
[More about Qigong here]

Mingtong worked with a “medicine-less” hospital in China and witnessed the recovery of thousands of very ill patients. From Cancer to PTSD, Mingtong teaches that no dis-ease is too big (or too small) for the healing effects of essential Chi energy.

Today, Mingtong runs the Chi-Center in Northern California. He has seen countless Lyme and chronically ill patients return to a full and connected life.

Watch our interview with Mingtong and experience the meditative energy and our simple Qigong practice led by Mingtong!

You are bigger than you think,

Dana and Brent

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  • Thank you for this wonderful video. Just recently I have been introduced to life force energy and just recently have been able to identify it and increase the frequency of it, unintended. I've realized when my condition started, it was around the same time that the flow of my life force energy stopped being felt. Qigong is something on my list of things to try and this has convinced me to try it. Thank you also to Master Mingtong Gu and the work that he does with healing.


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