Parasites and Lyme Q&A with Dr. Jay Davidson

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

What a great call with Dr. Jay Davidson (host of the Parasite Summit and Lyme Disease Summit) on eliminating parasites for renewed health! This call was packed with information (replay is posted below).

We covered:

  • Types of parasites
  • Places of exposure
  • Key symptoms of parasitic infections
  • Order of treatment
  • How often to treat?
  • Dealing with herx/toxicity (i.e binders)
  • Natural vs Holistic treatments
  • The value of good stomach acid to reduce protein
  • Zinc, B6 deficiency (KPU)
  • Best time to do treatments
  • Effects of the Moon cycle
  • Diet: Animal protein vs Vegan vs Raw
  • Best starting treatment: Mimosa Pudica Seed
  • Prevention tips
  • Emotional issues, sensitivity and boundaries… and so much more.

It would be a good idea to have a pen and paper handy while listening to this replay. Also, please remember that our entire world is covered in microorganisms. We CAN co-exist. We do all day inside and outside our bodies. This is not a war we are in. It’s more of a balancing act.

The information in this call is meant to empower you -- not add to your stress. Pathogenic microbes like waste. Stress produces waste in our bodies, even stressful thoughts. Adding to your stress is not what were are after here. Take in the information that resonates with you and leave the rest. There is never one path.

Also, please remember that eating anti-parasitic foods, herbs and spices daily is how much of the world staves off parasites.

To learn more anti-parasitic foods, recipes, and detox treatments (as well as dealing with the emotional/spiritual aspect of parasites), we are matching Jay's offer of 50% for our Fall Sessions Recordings.
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Listen to the call here (94 mins):

Right-click here to download this MP3.

"I completely agree. This was an incredibly informative and helpful talk!!! Thank you, Dana Walsh and Brent Martin!” - T. Lal

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Also, here is the link to the Mimosa Pudica treatment that Dr. Jay and Dr. Watts have had great success with.
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A noteworthy mention: Mimosa pudica is also called “The Sensitive Plant” — a sensitive plant that brings relief to sensitive beings. Nature is perfect.

All love,

Dana (and Brent)

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