How to Properly Food Combine for Optimal Digestion

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

We all know that Cleansing with Lyme is crucial for recovery.

And that byproducts of less than optimal foods and environments can make us feel worse.

BUT sometimes it's not that easy...

We are too cold,
too hot,
too tired,
too confused,
too much pain to think or plan a meal (let alone cook one!),
and have too much information and don't know where to start.

So many times we just go back to our (less than optimal) old habits.

We know this because we are just like you. That's why we figured out ways to make cleansing simple, nourishing/strengthening, and easy to follow.

One of the simplest things you can do is to properly Food Combine.

In our "Late Summer" Program, we follow food combing for a short time for an enjoyable cleansing experience without deprivation!

marc-weill-food-combine-titler-large-jpgFood combining is a theory that eating simply and in right combinations will greatly improve digestive function. Foods have different digestive rates, sugars and enzyme structures. Therefore, mixing many different in the same meal can confuse and slow digestion leading to fermentation and reduced nutrient absorption.

In food combining, less is truly more, which may not always be easy to do, but for a cleanse it makes perfect sense. Enjoy as much food as you want — just in the correct combination. This way you will build and cleanse at the same time and never feel deprived.

In our Late Summer Cleanse we honor the most basic 3 rules in food combing:

  • Eat fruit alone
  • Do not eat both animal protein and starch at the same meal
  • Do not eat both fruits and vegetables at the same meal
  • Note: Cucumbers, celery, lettuce and leafy greens combine with anything
  • Time Between Foods:

  • After eating fruit, wait 30-45 before eating a meal
  • After eating a heavy protein meal, wait 3 hours before eating fruit

  • Discussion with Marc Weill about Food Combining

    Food Combining Chart

    There are many, many food combining charts online. This one is very simple and easy to follow. We agree with most of this chart. Remember, the most important thing is to not mix fruit with a heavy protein meal (not on this cleanse at least ;)


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