"The Fall Sessions" Starts This Week!

Join us for a Holistic Gathering for support, learning and growth as we move into the Holidays.

Register below for more information and to watch our extended interview with Marc Weill on the inter-relationship between digestion, the lungs and bringing back joy.


In ancient traditions of medicine, Fall was observed to be the time to nurture and strengthen the digestion and lungs. The more we open and breathe (and eliminate well), the more we let go of toxins -- physically and emotionally.

Now is the time to gently open ourselves and let go of what no longer serves us and move into wholeness.

We hope you join us for this powerful group experience -- from your home and on your time.

Strength in numbers,

Dana and Brent

About Dana and Brent:

Dana Walsh, featured in the Lyme Documentary UNDER OUR SKIN, and Brent Martin (Founders of Lyme Less Live More) identified a giant gap while recovering from Lyme: What to do in-between doctor visits?

Each with a personal Lyme story and both having been down a long road with chronic illness (10 plus years), they recall that time when they felt they were left in the abyss. They realized to reverse an illness, it would take daily care and attention.

Now, with the help of their expert faculty Dana and Brent teach a multi-faceted approach to recovering health that includes self-care, healthy mindset, and conscious awareness.