Revealing the Teachings of Illness and Finding Peace with Pain

A 5-Part Transformational Group Coaching Experience With Michael Vladeck
- Exclusively for members of Lyme Less Live More

Join Michael with other members of this community for a powerful, interactive 90-minute weekly course
in creating a healing new experience around Lyme Disease.

Why this?

Discover how to move past years of limited mental and emotional conditioning, and open up to a more insightful, peaceful and empowered way of living your life and journeying through Lyme Disease

Why now?

Learn simple, useful, efficient and very powerful practices that you can begin using immediately - to help you shift your struggles and change your life

Why Michael?

Your time, money and energy are so valuable, and I want to support you in finding very streamlined and very efficient ways of working with Lyme in a better way that will actually work, and that I’ve learned by working with and healing though my own personal journey with advanced “terminal” cancer, and chronic, debilitating back pain, and working with others in the same boat for the last 15 years.

Will it be worth my time and energy?

Most of you reading this have already watched the interview and listen to the call that I did with Dana and Brent, so you know a bit about me. I’ll add in here that for over the last decade and a half I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and families dealing with all kinds of life altering struggles including cancer, ALS, Lyme disease, paralysis, and severe insomnia, so with much gratitude and sincere humility, I do know what methods work well, and how to help you and all kinds of other people apply them skillful into your lives to make a real difference.

What gets covered in the course?

Pick the three topics that YOU want covered. When I hear from all the registrants of their preferences, I’ll pick the 3 most common ones that were asked for, and then weave all the practices and insights that I think are essential into those 3 topics.
Once you register, you’ll be asked to share with me what 3 areas you would like to see addressed.
If you need some ideas, we’ll send them to you in the welcome email, where we'll ask you to share your preferences.

How is the class structured?

We’ll cover one topic in great depth for two weeks each. The first 30-45 minutes of each class will be a specific teaching, followed by 30-45 minutes of Q & A, and helping you apply these teaching into your daily life.

Why are you doing this class specifically for Lyme Less Live More?

Dana has shared with me how amazing and committed to healing and living in a better way your community is - and I have been really moved by that. Also, having known the intense struggle of lyme though witnessing Dana’s experience, and that of numerous clients I’ve had, and I feel inspired to share teachings and practices that are proven to be helpful. I struggled for years, personally, and these are what shifted my experiences completely. Ultimately, this class was born out of the fact that I gotten about 8 calls from members of your community wanting private session with me - but I’m booked solid for at least 10 to 12 months out. This group coaching is a way to serve more of you, sooner, and a rate that is 75% less than my rate for private clients.

When is the Class?

It starts NEXT TUESDAY, October 13.
Each of the 5 classes will take place on Tuesday evenings of October 13, 20, 27 and November 3, 10
at 5:30 PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET

What if I miss the call or can’t fit it into my schedule?

The call will be recorded for playback at your convenience
…and you can also email me any question you have that I’ll answer on the live call - so you can listen to that later.

What does it cost?

The cost of this 5-Part Course is $375

What does it include?

- The 5-Part Course with Live Q & A
- The opportunity to listen to the calls again on replay for 6 months.

AND, as a bonus for being a part of Lyme Less Live More:

- I’ll also create a custom video every week that we’ll send through your email that will be a detailed review of the teachings that we covered in that week's class.

- Email me any questions you have in between each session and I'll address your question in the weekly video!

Your struggles are about to have a radical shift towards more peace, insight and empowerment, and I can’t wait for this to start! The opportunity to make a real shift in your experience is here, and I invite you to jump at it and join me.


Yes, I want to feel more peace, empowerment and insight in my journey with Lyme.

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"Dear Dana and Brent, just finished watching the Michael Vladeck interview. Of everything I have ever seen or heard from the entire LLLM, this is far and away the most valuable and important words and ideas of this entire experience for me. Thank you so much for presenting this, the truth and door to freedom! This is exactly why I was attracted to your message from first hearing Dana's interview with Katina M. I am finally at the phase where this is my main priority (after getting the docs/tests/sups sorted out). Another piece I really resonated with recently was talking about the habit of needing to be amped up on adrenaline to feel 'effective'. That sure hit home and is another priority I am working with, am interested in diving deeper into that topic in the future." -- Kathryn G.

"Just watched the Michael Vladeck video (and some of his YouTube videos) and I am not sure I have the words to express what I have felt in my heart during and since and to honestly convey the richness of what I feel here... so I will simply say a heartfelt 'thank you' and gesture namaste and bow in gratitude to you both Dana and Brent and to Micheal and indeed to all here on this journey. What he had to say has so helped me to understand where I am and what is happening and to welcome that with a gentler touch.
Many things have cracked me open this last week - both inside and outside this cleanse and its community - and if I could only choose one thing to take on my way to remind me of what I have experienced then its the insights of Michael Vladeck. " -- Anna

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for the interview and the call with Michael. I will listen to them both often. I was so moved by his guidance, authenticity, vulnerability, wisdom and deep surrender to the flow of life. I know many of us are already deeply rooted in a commitment to this flow, permission, acceptance, trust. And somehow, the transmission of Michael's wisdom inspired in me a renewal of this commitment to receive whatever medicine life brings within and without, to hold in love the deep tenderness, anger, fear and grief many parts of me still hold as they survey the ruins of a life they longed to create, and to trust the sacredness of the life that's unfolding. Thank you and much love to you both and to all the amazing spiritual warriors here. " -- Naomi

"Just listened to Michael V and all I can say is Wow! His words so resonated with me. Thank you! " -- Terri


Yes, I want to feel more peace, empowerment and insight in my journey with Lyme!

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