Interview with Michael Vladeck

"The Return to Self: Letting Go of Illness"

(from our Late Summer Cleanse -- watch the full interview below!)

I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend Michael Vladeck.

At the young age of 23 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer -- lymphoma -- and 75% of his body was tumor ridden.

Michael's journey back to health was a deeply and profoundly spiritual one. When diagnosed, he realized:
"I will live or die, but either way, I need to heal"

Like Michael, we look at Lyme and other illnesses as a great wake up call to heal our lives and planet. And for some of us, illness can actually be the armor that we were never able to give ourselves.

Or (as with many of us sensitive beings) having an illness has led us to our tribe and sheltered us of from the destructive energies of the "rat race".

Maybe we never felt like we fit here. Dr. Klinghardt says that it's mostly the creative types that get this illness because "they feel" the world and all of it's suffering.

And, Klinghardt also says there are multiple layers to get through to recover from Lyme. One of those very buried (subconscious) layers is called "secondary gain."

It's a very difficult thing to talk about, and yet so important. We feel that Michael -- having lived through it -- is qualified to discuss this topic.

Please listen carefully. Maybe watch it a few times. Stop and start. Listen. Take what feels right in the moment and leave the rest. This is a story of friends and the possibilities in healing.

Everyone is different and we aren't prescribing what is true for you -- just sharing our story in hopes that you may find a reflection within it that brings you peace.

With Love,
Dana and Brent

PS... Many people in our cleanse were so moved by Michael's work, they wanted to work with him for private coaching sessions. Unfortunately, Michael is booked a year in advance for private sessions.

But, because Michael has been so impressed by the openness of the LLLM community and willingness to get to the core of emotional healing, he has created a 5-Part course beginning

This is such a special and rare opportunity we wanted to invite our extended community to join.
Last minute... yes, but so worth it!

Here is the link to register for Michael's course, exclusively for LLLM.

About Michael Vladeck

Michael VladeckHaving fully healed from an advanced “terminal” cancer and overcoming severe adolescent clinical depression, Michael helps individuals cultivate a deep personal connection to themselves in a way that fosters great self-awareness, self-compassion, personal empowerment, and profound communication skills regarding relationships with loved ones. He helps to develop highly effective personal practices for clients who are committed to making the shifts they want to see in their lives.