What is our Late Summer Program?

"Our Late Summer Program focuses on clearing the Lymph system to bolster immunity and mental clarity as we approach Fall and Winter.
And even more importantly, we look to shift our mindset from treating an illness to healing our bodies.

(( Below is a snapshot of our Late Summer Program to give you an idea of what it feels like inside. It's easy to follow and on your schedule. We invite you to look and view a few trailers (scroll down).

And if you are inspired,
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Here’s to your empowerment." xo Dana and Brent

The Late Summer Program -- On Your Time

Summer Overview Why We're Doing This
Week 1 Getting Starting
Week 2 Making It Happen
Week 3 Finding Balance

We Have Simple Guides to Follow

We recommend you print the guideline book above and refer to throughout the program -- it will be your guiding star. In addition, below are the written guidelines for the Late Summer program in a “quick peek" format for your reference. Note: these documents have active links for you to shop for recommended items or access more information. [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

Late Summer Program Guide Printable (contains everything!)
Summer Cleansing Do's and Don't's List Know the Rules
Summer Master Shopping List Stuff We Need
Summer Daily Schedule For Weeks 2 & 3
Late Summer Master Checklist Follow This Order
Summer Cleanse Eating Guidelines What We're Choosing

We Have Soul-FULL Sunday's

Soul-FULL Sunday exercises give us a chance for internal reflection and inspire new insights as we heal. We are always astonished by what comes of these — pure, unadulterated expression. It’s time for you to be seen and heard. You may share your exercises by submitting them on the form on each page. We will be assembling these beautiful letters for an inspirational book in the near future. [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

"Flowers Are Flow'ers"
Letters From Camp, Part 1
Letters From Camp, Part 2
Endless Summer Playlist

Watch and Learn (Summer Video Clips)

We always start our programs with the depth of wisdom from LLLM faculty Marc Weill. In this program Marc shares how clearing the Lymph system is essential to recovery, even more than killing bugs. As well, we go into understanding proper food combining for optimal digestion.

Additionally, the dynamic Dr. Robert Morse will share how green foods and fruit can be used therapeutically for lymph detox and cellular renewal. Seth Linn, a masterful Canadian trained DO shares with us the impact of being in sympathetic (fight or flight) and how to get into a parasympathetic to initiate healing. Michael Vladeck, a recovered Cancer patient and an extraordinary life coach for chronically patients goes deep into the psyche to ask ourselves what we need from illness.

We also reviewed some of our favorite “starter” essential oils as well as did a fun skit on what it’s REALLY like to travel on an airplane when you're sensitive #bringyourkit! [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

Summer Trailers (press play to watch...)

"Food Combining for Optimal Digestion" [6:02] with Marc Weill
"The Miracle of Fruit for Lymph Detox" [2:42] with Dr. Robert Morse, ND
"The Anatomy of Fight or Flight" [3:17] with Seth Linn, DOMP (CAN)
"The Return to Self: Letting Go of Illness" [3:35] with Michael Vladeck

Plus These Topics...

"The Importance of Cleansing the Lymph" with Marc Weill
Marc Weill Summer Lymph Screen Cap JPG
"Moving the Lymph: Yawn, Laugh, Cry, Dance" with Marc Weill
Marc Weill Lymph Dance 2 JPG BIG
"Essential Oils Starter Kit" with Dana and Brent
Essential Oils JPG
"Live More Survival Kit (and Airplane Skit)" with Dana and Brent
Airplane Skit JPG

Get Nourished: Soups, Smoothies, Recipes, and More

Proper fruit and greens consumption for cleansing is a focus in our Late Summer program while the weather is still warm. And that's when we recommend smoothies, when the weather is warm outside. But pay attention to your body. If you are feeling cold, then a smoothie is probably not your best choice in that moment. Choose a warming soup instead. Soups are foundational in our seasonal programs because of its building and nourishing nature. When you are warm— smoothie. When you feel cold—soup. Some days you will choose both! SOS: Soup or Smoothie? [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

Detox and Self-Care Made Easy

The Summer detox plan is about making detox easy, so we do it more often! Choose from a menu of simple detox methods that are actually enjoyable! Try one a day or maybe two! [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

We Answer Questions and Go Deeper

We are putting information into action by supporting each other with a dynamic Private Facebook Group, LIVE Q&A Calls, Group "Huddles" (you talk to each other) and a Healing Meditation. We're also including recordings from past Summer Q&A Calls, like Michael Vladick answering questions about psychology of illness and recovery and Jodi Cohen on Frequency Medicine. [Click Here To Get In LIVE With Us Now!]

Live Q&A Calls with Marc Weill
"Huddles" Workshop with Dana and Brent
Healing Energy Call with Beverly Montgomery
Q&A Recording on "Secondary Gains from Illness" with Michael Vladeck

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"The Late (or Indian summer) is a very special and transitional time of year. The days slowly grow shorter with gifts of golden hues and magnificent sunsets. Now is the time to harness the golden light — (body and mind) and move strongly into the colder months ahead."