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Evergreen Promotion: 12-Day Free Pass to the Core Series

We offer an ongoing evergreen promotion for our original Core Series. It's 12 days of free access to all 12 Core Series video interviews. Prospects are offered to buy the Core Series Recordings Package for $44 (or $24 if on sale). The affiliate commission is 50%.

Seasonal Promotions: Lyme Less Live More Seasonal Programs

We host live programs every season (every 3 months), specifically designed to support Lyme and chronically ill patients (before, during or after treatment) with a special focus on nourishing, building, and gentle cleansing in an interactive community.

The Seasonal Programs Include: a Detox Diet for Lyme, nourishing and cleansing recipes, a daily "To Do" calendar, detox baths and other physical cleanses, weekly teaching videos with the experts, weekly live Q&A calls, weekly live virtual workshop calls, a Private Facebook group and access to meeting others with Lyme doing the Cleanse.

Affiliate Commissions:

As an affiliate with us, you also have ongoing access to offering our original Lyme Less Live More Core Series Recordings Package for $44 with a 50% commission. Your leads can also get full access to the Core Series video interviews for Free for 12 days when they opt-in on (get your affiliate link for this when you sign up as an affiliate). Our Seasonal Programs (whether live or recordings) also offer a 50% commission (prices range from $64-$125).

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