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Do you need to CLEANSE? We do!

Special audio message from Dana and Brent:

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You're safe with us.  We will never share your information.

Why Brent needs a cleanse... It's really time. In fact, I've never actually cleansed in this way, but I am motivated to stop my chronic migraines, brain fog, and maybe I forget to remember things sometimes too. I'm ready to change that. Here we go!
Why Dana needs a cleanse... I am tired of being sooooo sensitive to the world. I have such a sluggish detox system, my toxic tipping point is always close. I'm ready to move past the chronic pain. Gonna kick some bad habits and some bio-toxins too. Karate-chop!
We have so much Health Information,
but now it's time to put it into Action.

We're doing a 21-Day Cleanse,
and we want you to Do It With Us.

There will be Ups and Downs,
but we'll be in it Together.

What to expect:

  • 21-Day Detox Diet and Food List
  • Detoxing and Nourishing Recipes
  • Daily "To Do" Calendar
  • Weekly "How-To" Videos with the Experts
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Live Group "Huddles (Interactive Virtual Workshop Sessions)
  • Tips and Shortcuts to Staying Healthy
  • Talk with other Cleanse Members
  • Snapshots of our Weekly Journal Pages

21-Day Schedule:

Week 1: Preparation Phase

  • November 1-7
  • Elson Haas, MD: "What It Means to Cleanse"
  • Michael Jurgelewicz, DC: "Detox Supplements to Optimize Your Cleanse"
  • Marc Weill: "The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing with Lyme and Chronic Illness"
  • Live Group "Huddle" Call with Us. Share your "Why to Cleanse and Commitments"
  • Live Q&A Call with Marc Weill
  • Tips and Shortcuts (Recipe: Healing Mineral Broth. How to: Detox Baths and Hydration Formula)

Week 2: Food Elimination and Cleanse

  • November 8-14
  • Terry Wahls, MD: "The Impact of Food on Reversing 'Incurable' Illness"
  • Live Group "Huddle" with Marc David on "What Are You Really Craving?"
  • Live Q&A Call with JJ Virgin on "How to Kick Your Sugar Habit for Good"
  • Tips and Shortcuts (Recipe: Gut-Healing Gummy Treats. How To: Coffee Enemas and Pantry Clean-out)

Week 3: Restore, Nourish and Rebuild

  • November 15-21
  • Leo Galland, MD: "Lyme, Leaky Gut, and Lifestyle"
  • Live Group "Huddle" with Us on "How to Go Into the Holidays Strong"
  • Live Q&A Call with Special Guest on "Staying with Your Commitments"
  • Tips and Shortcuts (Recipe: Ultra-Nourishing Chicken Soup. How To: Skin Brushing and Cleansing Supplements)

Our Partners and Allies:

Dr. Elson Haas, MD

Lecture: "What It Means to Cleanse" Dr. Elson Haas is one of the leading experts and pioneers of Integrative Medicine, as a clinician for 40 years incorporating nutrition and natural remedies into family practice. He is the Founder and Director of Preventive Medical Center of Marin. Dr. Haas is also the author of a dozen books in the fields of health, nutrition, and detoxification, including Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet, and The False Fat Diet.

Marc Weill

Lecture and Q&A Support Call: "The Do's and Don'ts of Cleansing with Lyme" Marc E. Weill is a holistic practitioner, teacher and researcher who has developed a new system of kinesiology. For 30+ years, Marc has treated patients, combining his knowledge of Applied Kinesiology, osteopathic techniques, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and structural body work (Rolfing). Weill specializes in teaching people to rely on their own knowledge and awareness as the basis for health and exceptional change. Weill believes that we are all innately aware of what we need and what really enhances their lives. His guiding principle role is as an assistant to tune our own innate listening skills.

Dr. Terry Wahls, MD

Lecture: "The Impact of Food on Reversing 'Incurable' Illness" Dr. Terry Wahls is a board certified internal medicine physician and also a patient with a chronic progressive neurological disorder, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Dr. Wahls did not give up. Instead she began reading the medical literature night after night, looking for her own answers about what drove disability in the setting of MS. She created new theories which she then tested upon herself with results that stunned her family, her physician and herself for she got up, out of the wheelchair. She now able to bicycle 18 miles. Grateful to have her life back, Dr. Wahls has been committed teaching both the medical community and the lay public about the power of intensive, directed nutrition, to restore health and vitality.

Marc David

Q&A Support Call: "What Are You Really Craving?" Marc David is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology. He’s the author of the classic and bestselling books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. Marc has been featured on CNN, NBC, and numerous media outlets. His fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul appeal to a wide audience of eaters who are ready for a whole new approach. The Institute of the Psychology of Eating, is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition.

JJ Virgin

Q&A Support Call: "How To Kick Sugar Habit for Good" JJ helps clients lose weight fast by breaking free from food intolerances and crush their sugar cravings. She is author of New York Times Bestsellers The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook and her newest book The Sugar Impact Diet. JJ is also a frequent blogger at Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and other outlets as well as a popular guest on TV, radio, and in magazines. Learn more at

Dr. Leo Galland, MD

Lecture: "Lyme, Leaky Gut, and Lifestyle" Leo Galland, MD is a board-certified internist, author and internationally recognized leader in integrated medicine who has popularized innovative nutritional therapies for prevention and treatment of chronic conditions, including obesity, metabolic dysfunction, allergies, Lyme Disease, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal problems and neurological diseases. He maintains a private consulting practice in New York City, where he treats patients from all over the world.

Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz, DC

Lecture: "Detox Supplements to Optimize Your Cleanse" Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, has been studying nutrition and wellness for the past 10 years. He is a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, and a product expert for Designs for Health. Dr. Jurgelewicz regularly gives informational webinars on everything from auto-immune disease to chronic illness to detoxification.

This is for YOU if...

  • You are ready for change
  • You are ready for more vitality
  • You appreciate a structured cleanse
  • You want access to community support
  • You like a self-regulated, self-paced program (recordings included!)
This is a BIG step for us,
but it feels good to have friends
on the road with us.

Sorry, Registration for our Fall Cleanse is Closed.
Please sign up here so we can invite you to our next Lyme Cleanse.

You're safe with us.  We will never share your information.

Change, move and grow.

PS... Who said getting healthy can't be fun?