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The 14-Day Cleanse Kit

Cleanse Kit Pic Grab JPGLast Summer we went to a big health conference with some of the leaders in health and nutrition. This detox kit was featured with the option to put our private label on it. After hearing about how easy and effective these products can be, we decided to add this kit as an option during our Fall Cleanse and again now at the end of our Spring Cleanse.

We will be taking this 14-Day Cleanse Kit and use the momentum of the past few weeks of cleansing to go even deeper, specifically focusing on Phase I and Phase II Liver Detox.

This kit is well-known in the Lyme/Autism community. Because we private labeled it, we can offer you a $20 discount plus free shipping (discounted price of $129.90, regular price is $149.90 plus shipping).

Please consult with a health care provider. This cleanse is meant to be 14 days (2 shakes a day), but we are recommending one shake per day to start.

Here's more detailed information about the Kit from the product expert Dr. Jurgelewicz.

"Detox Supplements to Optimize Your Cleanse"

Interview with Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz, DC

We asked Dr. Michael Jergelwicz in this Q&A interview about how to best layer in these detox and cleansing supplements. Listen here...

We chose this Cleanse Kit for several reasons:

  • Gentle and powerful
  • Nourishing while cleansing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy and good tasting
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Supports Phase I and Phase II Liver detox
  • Many have reported more energy, less pain, and optimal digestion

The Cleanse Kit Includes...

Essential Protein BUILD, a natural pea protein isolate, offers a high level of functionality and nutritional benefits. It is ideal for those who are looking for vegetarian protein and may not want dairy derived protein. BUILD is a true vegan protein which has high bioavailability and excellent digestibility. The raw materials, North American grown yellow peas, are not genetically modified (non-GMO). BUILD has an excellent array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine). While its amino acid profile is similar to whey protein, it is particularly high in arginine, lysine, and phenylalanine. (See ingredients)

Phase I and II Liver Detox CLEANSE is a comprehensive functional food powder ideal for detoxification. It contains quality macronutrients to fuel detoxification pathways, a full multivitamin/mineral for detoxification enzyme support, all the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II metabolic pathways, and high levels of antioxidant support for safe detoxification. This liver formula also contains the most comprehensive array of herbal hepatics, alternatives and cholagogues to promote optimal liver function and elimination. (See ingredients)

Amino Acids to Support Your Detox Pathways SUPPORT is useful for preparing the liver for phase II detoxification. It does not contain botanicals, minerals, or B vitamins that would also upregulate phase I detoxification, which may result in intermediate metabolites that could cause sensitivity reactions. Providing nutritional support for phase II detoxification helps conjugate toxins and prepare them for safe elimination from the body. (See ingredients)

Enzymatic Support for Nutrient Absorption DIGEST is a proprietary blend of protease enzymes that helps support efficient digestion and absorption of protein supplements consumed as a shake or liquid meal, as liquid protein supplements pass through the stomach more quickly than solid meals. Since protein digestion is initiated in the stomach, less time in the stomach means less time for digestion. Additionally, many individuals have digestion that is less than optimal and will likely experience poor digestion and absorption of protein supplements. DIGEST works efficiently to combat the incomplete digestion of protein supplementation. Patients who are chemically injured, who have chronic illness, and who are pathologic detoxifiers (blocked phase II pathways), find that this product gently upregulates all the conjugation pathways, resulting in excretion of the pollutants without mobilizing more oxidized pollutants in the body from body fat stores. (See ingredients)
Things to know before you purchase:

All Cleanse Kits are shipped and are delivered within 5-7 days.

Information for CA residents.

The 14-Day Cleanse Kits are available to US Customers ONLY.

Get the Entire 14-Day Cleanse Kit for $129 ($20 off retail plus Free Shipping -- regular price $149.90).

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