Tap Into Your Healing Potential!

Dana Walsh (featured in UNDER OUR SKIN) and Brent Martin discuss with Diana Kottle (The Kottle Method) how to recovery our our innate healing potential and move from victim to victorious this holiday season. Register here for this call replay and more with our FREE "Huddles" call series (and Recordings) as we move into the New Year.

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This time of year is like a trigger zone for sensitive people! Family events can serve up a whole lot of" inflammation" from foods and fragrances to feelings stirred.

Listen to Dana, Brent and Diana discuss how feeling apologetic for our condition actually weakens us and how to turn our sensitivities into superpowers!

Diana is a licensed psychotherapist that has an amazing Lyme, Mold and chemical sensitivities story. Diana now coaches individuals back to WHOLENESS.

About "Huddles":

Dana and Brent are hosting 4 calls Dec 18, Dec 23, Dec 30 and Jan 6 to share tips and tools and to connect the Lyme community together over the holidays.

These calls are informative, fun, and lighthearted.

AND they are ALL recorded so you can listen to them anytime, starting now!

"Looking forward to tonight's Huddle. I love what you at Lyme Less Live More are doing to help the Lyme community. You're the best resource around and I recommend your site to everyone dealing with this disease.. Thank you for all you do!" -- M

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