You CAN shine brightly during the holidays!

Dana Walsh (featured in UNDER OUR SKIN) and Brent Martin are recovered Lyme patients who are offering tips and support for staying balanced with food, family, and feelings holiday season.

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This season can bring much joy but also many challenges. Learning ways to stay centered and empowered (from making healthy food choices to finding peace within our family dynamic) will keep our spirits high and bring us the best possible experience.

Dana and Brent will host 4 calls Dec 18, Dec 23, Dec 30 and Jan 6 to share tips and tools and to connect the Lyme community together.

These calls are informative, fun, and lighthearted.

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"Looking forward to tonight's Huddle. I love what you at Lyme Less Live More are doing to help the Lyme community. You're the best resource around and I recommend your site to everyone dealing with this disease.. Thank you for all you do!" -- M

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