Behind the Lens of "Under Our Skin"

with Andy Abrahams Wilson - Part 5 of 12

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Part 5 of 12

Andy Abrahams Wilson Behind the Lens of "Under Our Skin"

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5) How To Co-Exist With Illness

Insights behind 400 hours of interviews for "Under Our Skin"

Andy Abrahams Wilson Recording and Reference Guide Package

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Behind the Lens of "Under Our Skin"

with Andy Abrahams Wilson

Director/Producer "Under Our Skin"
The making of "Under Our Skin" was no small task. With over 400 hours of footage, Andy Abrahams Wilson and his team spent years developing the story. In this ground-breaking interview, he will reveal the overarching similarities and the key aspects in those that recover.

Founder and president of Open Eye Pictures, Andy is a multi-award winning, producer and director of creative non-fiction films, Andy received a BA in cultural anthropology from Northwestern and an MA in visual anthropology from the USC, where he also studied at the School of Cinema. His acclaimed film UNDER OUR SKIN is the recipient of seven best documentary awards at international film festivals and was an Academy Award semifinalist for Best Documentary Feature. Andy’s films have been shown on HBO, PBS, CBC, the Showtime Networks, and in theaters and film festivals worldwide. He has received numerous grants, including ones from the California Council for the Humanities, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Laurance Rockefeller Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America, and the Independent Television Service (ITVS). He is a recipient of Outstanding Documentary Achievement honors by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, a Pew Charitable Trust Fellowship, and Outstanding Artist recognition by the Northern California Marin Arts Council. Andy also teaches yearly workshops at the renowned Esalen Institute on "Photography as Meditation and Mirror."