Releasing Trauma and Anxiety

with Julie Schiffman - Part 8 of 12

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Part 8 of 12

Julie Schiffman Releasing Trauma and Anxiety

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8) How To Release Trauma and Anxiety

Julie Schiffman Recording and Reference Guide Package

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Releasing Trauma and Anxiety

with Julie Schiffman

Emotional Freedom Technique Expert at Dr Mercola Center
When we are in the grips of illness we are almost always experiencing a negative emotion like fear, anger, frustration, anxiety (or all of the above!) on top of feeling ill. In the process, stress hormones are released and only add to our fatigue. Learn how this repetitive stress effects your ability to heal, and how to take action to stop that stress pattern in its tracks by accessing the nervous system directly through a tried and true technique.

Julie Schiffman is an Expert EFT Practitioner with 20 years of experience. Julie obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work in 1992 from the University of Illinois. She has been practicing at Dr Mercola's Center for Natural Health in the Chicago area for 11 years and has a private practice as well. Within this time, Julie has worked with literally thousands of people including children, adolescents and adults by helping them breakthrough subconscious patterns which are keeping them stuck physically and emotionally.

Julie is trained in various healing modalities but has developed as affinity and expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques and The Emotion Code/Body Code to help others identify core issues and release the holding pattern so they can heal from pain, disease, weight issues, anxiety, phobias and emotional stressors. She does this by identifying each person as an individual and focusing on their mind, body and spirit to help them reach their full potential of wellness and emotional freedom.