Reducing Pain with Lymph Detox

with Marc Weill - Part 3 of 12

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Part 3 of 12

Marc Weill Reducing Pain with Lymph Detox

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3) How To Reduce Full Body Pain

Marc Weill Recording and Reference Guide Package

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Reducing Pain with Lymph Detox

with Marc Weill

The Detox Guru
So much focus in chronic illness and Lyme Disease is spent on what we can take. What if the key to feeling well is instead what we can take away and release from our systems. When your body is clogged up with toxins, the bugs grow and symptoms increase significantly. Opening up your detox pathways is the cornerstone to relief and dramatically increased results.

Marc E. Weill is a holistic practitioner, teacher and researcher who has developed a new system of kinesiology. His unique method is currently being empirically tested with researchers at Sanford University , which is developing a healing model that is reproducible and quantifiable. Weill specializes in teaching people to rely on their own knowledge and awareness as the basis for health and exceptional change. Weill believes that we are all innately aware of what we need and what really enhances their lives. His guiding principle role is as an assistant to tune our own innate listening skills.

For 30+ years, Marc has treated patients, combining his knowledge of Applied Kinesiology, osteopathic techniques, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and structural body work (Rolfing). Marc's method has proven success with a diverse clientele, including the seriously ill to world class athletes. Collaborating with researchers at Stanford, Weill is developing and empirically testing a healing model that is reproducible and quantifiable for both medical practitioners and lay people.