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Caroline BarringerHealth Begins in the Gut

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Live More Recordings and Reference Guide Package

We know this is a lot of information, and it takes time to integrate it into your life simply and easily. We've created a Quick Reference Guide with Summary Points, Action Items, Our Reflections plus the Recordings - all in one place.

"I can't put into words exactly how your efforts will be a life changing moment in my long Lyme journey, but please know you are saving lives as much as any other treatment." - Chris

"Thank you all for this so filled with hope." - Lauren

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! For all your video's and interviews and time and effort you put into it. I have been inspired beyond belief. As I lay here in bed on my laptop with the pain and agony that goes along with this disease I was able to find light and truth and incredible inspiration in all that was being said. I was able to get outside and go into my back yard and feel the grass beneath my feet. I was able to pull a few weeds. Even if for only 10 minutes, I found joy despite the insane symptoms. I love this new concept I learned and I am looking forward to finding little joys through out my day and look forward to be able to have bigger and bigger joys. Thank you so much to the both of you for looking into the camera and telling me you love me, you have my gold. Tears streamed down my face. I love you both!! XOXO" - Brenda

"I love you guys SO much!!! Can you feel it? This thing you did is gorgeous and has reminded me of things I sometimes forget. I hope to join you soon in being better able to help others. ((( )))" - Kris

"I can honestly say that for the first time in a LONG time... I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Nope...got nothing planned either. It's just the realization that every day is a gift. I might be able to climb a mountain or perhaps I'll be lucky to climb the stairs but either way... it'll be an adventure!" - Moonchick

"Great initiative from people with a kind, great heart!" - Martine

"I can't thank you enough for the positive focus in this series of videos. I've quit going to a local support group, as well as participating in a few forums, because I usually come away feeling like a victim, in a negative, fearful state of mind, and it takes me a few days to find myself again. I really don't want to let Lyme define who I am. Thank you so much for starting a community that addresses the negative but doesn't get stuck there. I'm coming away feeling full of hope, rather than full of doom, and I appreciate that." - Stacy

"Wow...this is helping me so much to understand my body." - Brenn

"SO wonderful to hear positive talk about Lyme. Just like you said, it's been my greatest teacher and because of it am more fully who I am than ever before. It was only with complete acceptance of life exactly as it was, that things started turning around. I now have days when I feel better than before getting sick - something that didn't seem possible a few years ago. For anyone down in a dark hole of despair, there IS cause for hope. Thank you again for these 3 days. What a beautiful offering of service. The two of you are bright lights in this world." - Dara

"That was SO much information, my note-taking couldn't keep up." - Em

"Thank you for all that you do ... you are an asset to this community.... if we all put this much effort in we would inevitably create lasting change for all that are suffering from this insidious illness" - Deborah

"The whole day of talks, today has been so eye opening. Thank you, it's good to know, I'm not alone." - Denise