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2023 Late Summer Camp/Cleanse Program Overview and Registration

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Why the Lymph matters (from Dana)...

"When I was 11, I came home from school with a huge lump on the side of my neck. I felt tired. I wanted to play but couldn't. Finally the doctor said "You have Mono"... Ok, so I had bugs (early on), but what's so interesting is the swollen Lymph indicating it. Since that time, I have struggled with a very sluggish Lymph system. It slows me down (or I slow it down!). My Lymph tells me when I have been inconsistent with good eating habits or I've been in a stress state. Our Lymph system is the seat of our immunity. Lymph health is a direct indication of the flow in life -- how fluid is your eating, thinking and being. It begins with good food, water, and movement -- but connection to community opens the channels like nothing else! That is why I am so excited about this late Summer Cleanse. I am ready to EAT, BREATH, MOVE, and CONNECT my way to a clear lymph system -- and so looking forward to doing this with our awesome group! I hope you join us for this very special and transitional time. Now is the time to get strong and clear as we move into the colder months! Stay Gold.” - Dana Walsh
"The Late Summer is the golden moment
to cleanse the Lymph before
moving into the colder months."

What to expect in the Late Summer Cleanse:

  • Daily Lymph Cleansing Methods
  • Detoxing Recipes and Cooking Videos
  • Weekly Teaching Videos with the Experts
  • DIY Health and Beauty Products
  • 4 Q&A and Group "Huddles" Calls (Talk with other Members)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Permanent Access to All Program Materials
  • Private 2018 Summer Facebook Group

Our Self-Paced Cleanse Schedule:

Week 1: Cleanse (Prepare)

  • Summer Cleanse Prep: (Do's and Don't's List, Eating Guidelines, Prep List, and Shopping List)
  • Marc Weill: "Cleansing the Lymph in the Late Summer"
  • Marc Weill: "How to Move the Lymph" (Dance, Yawn, Laugh, Cry)
  • [LIVE] Orientation Call with Marc Weill
  • Soul-Full Sunday Part 1

Week 2: Create (Do It Together)

  • Dr. Robert Morse, ND: "The Miracle of Fruit for Lymph Detox"
  • Marc Weill: "Food Combining for Optimal Digestion"
  • Q&A Recording with Marc Weill: "Enzymes Inside and Out - What, When and How"
  • [LIVE] Q&A Call with Marc Weill
  • Summer Recipes (including Healthy Tailgate and Vegan Recipes)
  • Begin Daily Lymph Cleansing Methods (i.e. Lymph Tonic, Dry Skin Brush, Lymph Bath, Hydration Drinks, Oil Massage, Daily Sunning, etc)
  • The "Live More" Survival Kit
  • For the Love of Music: Contribute to the "Endless Summer" Playlist '18!
  • Soul-Full Sunday Part 2

Week 3 & 4: Connect (Moving Forward)

  • Seth Linn, D.O.M.P. (CAN): {Part 1} "The Anatomy of Fight or Flight"
  • Seth Linn: {Part 2} "How to Re-Align, Relieve, and Re-Strengthen"
  • Michael Vladeck: "The Return to Self: Letting Go of Illness"
  • Follow-Up Q&A Recording with Michael Vladeck
  • [LIVE] Group "Huddles"* Call with Dana and Brent
  • Continue Daily Lymph Cleansing
  • Soul-Full Sunday Parts 3 & 4
  • [LIVE] Closing Meditation Call
*"Huddles" are interactive small group calls (talk to other Cleanse members!)

Extra Cleanse Resources:

  • Master Ming Tong Gu: "You Are the Universe: The Power of Chi Gong for Healing Lyme"
  • Natural Skin Care and Beauty Tips
  • Jodi Cohen (Vibrant Blue essential oils) Call Recording: “Cellular Rejuvenation with Essential Oils”, plus Essential Oils Lyme Guidebook!
"I can not describe how radically my life has changed just from this spring cleanse. The experiences of you both give us such an amazing base of knowledge to put together with our own and I could not imagine going on from here without more to look forward to from LLLM." -- Kathryn G.

"Dana and Brent this is my 3rd go around with the 2 of you and I have learnt so much. I will continue to be a part of this as long as you are here. Thank you for all you do. " -- Lisa N.

"Dana and Brent, I can never thank you enough for creating LLLM and for all of the priceless help, tools and guidance you have offered to so many of us struggling to reclaim our health! You both continue to bless me and so many others! I have seen improvements in both my health and spirit by following all the tools and experts you have provided us in the cleanses. I owe you a debt of gratitude and consider you both dear friends. THANK YOU THANK YOU… a thousand times thank you! " -- Shelly P.

"Dana and Brent ( and Marc!) I just want to express gratitude again for all you've done to make this cleanse such an informative, nurturing, communal experience. Though I've spent years focusing on my diet and lifestyle for healing, I've implemented a bunch of new things in the last 3 weeks that are working really well for me. You guys really went above and beyond and in my long journey with this illness, I'm accustomed to doing most of the work. It feels amazing to have a web of info and support to rest into. Can't wait for the next one!" -- Naomi S.

Our Partners and Allies:

Marc Weill

Lymph Modules and LIVE Q&A Support Calls: "Enzymes Inside and Out - What, When and How" Marc E. Weill is a holistic practitioner, teacher and researcher who has developed a new system of kinesiology. For 30+ years, Marc has treated patients, combining his knowledge of Applied Kinesiology, osteopathic techniques, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and structural body work (Rolfing). Weill specializes in teaching people to rely on their own knowledge and awareness as the basis for health and exceptional change. Weill believes that we are all innately aware of what we need and what really enhances their lives. His guiding principle role is as an assistant to tune our own innate listening skills.

Seth Linn, D.O.M.P. (CAN)

Lecture: "How To Get Out of Fight or Flight" and "How to Re-Align, Relieve, and Re-Strengthen" Beyond receiving expert training in the field of Traditional Osteopathy, Seth recovered from a serious injury after being told he would not return to a “normal” life again. Refusing to accept this, he fought his way through years of disabling pain, fatigue, worry, anxiety and depression. Now, Seth shares how to manage the recovery process, rehabilitation and pain management as a patient and as a clinician. "I’ve experienced how time effects muscle tone, posture, metabolism, chemistry, attitude, spirit and ultimately, self-esteem. More importantly, I’ve learned how to reverse the effects of injury and time upon physical health and human spirit."

Dr. Robert Morse, ND

Lecture: "The Miracle of Fruit for Lymph Detox" Dr. Robert Morse is the creator and founder of God’s Herbs, Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club, and the International School of Detoxification. He is degreed in Naturopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Biochemisty, Iridology, Herbology, Nutrition and Fitness. He has lectured and taught in the Natural Health Sciences throughout the world for the past 30 years and has appeared on numerous television news programs and international documentaries where he has presented findings, case studies, and educated on detoxification and cellular regeneration.

Michael Vladeck

Lecture: "The Return to Self: Letting Go of Illness" Having fully healed from an advanced “terminal” cancer and overcoming severe adolescent clinical depression, Michael helps individuals cultivate a deep personal connection to themselves in a way that fosters great self-awareness, self-compassion, personal empowerment, and profound communication skills regarding relationships with loved ones. He helps to develop highly effective personal practices for clients who are committed to making the shifts they want to see in their lives.

Beverly Montgomery

LIVE Healing Call: "Moving Stuck and Stagnant Thought Patterns and Emotions" Beverly Montgomery is an extraordinary healer and intuitive. She can identify and remove energies, thought patterns and stuck emotions that prevent us from moving forward in the Divine design for our lives. What could take years of "talking therapy", she can actively remove in one session. Beverly has been doing private healing sessions and consultations for over 15 years.

This is for YOU if...

  • You need support in building healthy habits
  • You appreciate a slow, gentle and self-paced approach
  • You're looking for a strong and lighthearted support group
  • You want access to Community Support (Private Facebook and Group Calls)
  • You're ready for some healthy fun!

Expert Interviews, Mini-Workshops, Soul-full Sunday's,
4 Q&A Support Calls, Recipes, Cooking Videos, Teaching Videos,
And a Private Facebook Group just for this Cleanse!

Join us again in the Late Summer Cleanse Program for $44.

(Special Price for Repeat Summer Members)

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Here's what our Past Cleanse Members are saying...
"All of Marc Weill's information has been invaluable; I will always remember the GALT, so important. I also find it encouraging that the 2 of you created an extraordinary method in which to support people with Lyme disease (the most complicated illness on this planet). It shows us that something good can come out of something that can at times seem there is no way out. This is an inspiration that I hope will spur others on to reach out to one or many with Lyme disease. The doctors and the scientists can be helpful, but I believe that it's the people that have this illness that will find the answers. Love wins." -- Deborah

"You are really inspiring Dana Walsh. I think the way I happened onto the Cleanse page was serendipitous. I just keep getting more and more informed. My body is talking and I am hearing it so clearly now. I honestly thought I would never get to this point EVER. I felt so broken and no one able to help. I cannot believe I lived through it some days. I am so beyond grateful for everything that is offered here. The sphere of influence that you and Brent Martin created keep growing and the ripples of inner beauty profound. Thank you from all of my healing cells!!!" -- Jody B.

"Sending you my heartfelt love. I am grateful beyond words to have participated and learned so much!" -- Valerie B.

"We are so appreciative of the two of you Dana and Brent! You have my total support and I will offer my help in any way that I can. Thank you for LLLM, all the knowledge, the support and this wonderful circle of love! Thank you, thank you, thank you! " -- Gail W.

"Haven’t been on my kids' trampoline in YEARS until feeling better on this cleanse. My kids are so excited to have me on the trampoline!" -- Michelle

"This group is my life line some days, like today, the roughest I’ve had in long while. Thank you for being here - welcoming, compassionate and full of love." -- Dara

"I want to Thank Dana and Brent for an amazing cleanse. I have always had to be careful with diet but it's great to have the support and you both did an amazing job and totally exceeded my expectations." -- January G.

"Thanks Dana Walsh! The feeling of belonging to the group of such loving and caring people can’t be replaced by anything! " -- Aleksandra B.

"You guys are super smart and bring us all information that is so spot on and valuable. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. You both are incredibly inspiring and I am grateful for all you do and the community you've gathered for us." -- Leslie B.

"A big thank you to you both for a wonderful program. My husband had bought me the Core series for a late Christmas present in January and I had wanted to do your winter cleanse but was a little too bleary at that point for it. This cleanse was so helpful to me, so much great information and weekly interaction, I definitely want to participate in your future ones." -- Samantha F.

"Beverly’s work with us had such an impact on me. I was suddenly hit with such strong emotional pain that surfaced. My chest grew tight and I began sobbing. As Beverly continued though, my chest loosened and the pain began to ebb. Even my tears changed - from deep sadness and grief to those of gratitude and joy. I'm tearing up again just thinking about it. It was afterward that I realized "I am not my past, I am not my future, I am simply NOW." " -- Sandra

"LLLM is about about finding our real, our true health, about healing on all levels, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually and in all ways. It is about looking deep inside ourselves and discovering that we have what it takes to get well on all levels, this despite the medical disease-driven, greed-driven culture in which we live and which will demean us for our courage to veer away from what it has to offer, and instead choose the path of health. LLLM is representative of and a leader in this regard." -- Chaya G.

"The call with Beverly Montgomery was divine. This cleanse has brought me to a completely different place in my healing. The calls and information are full of practical, down to earth tools and also full of the healing balm of love, authenticity, and compassion. For me its a magical and potent combination. Thank you thank you thank you Dana Walsh and Brent Martin for the exquisite cleanse and for the pure honesty of your offering." -- Carin V.

"Dana and Brent, THANKS a million for this. I totally soaked up just as much info and fabulous recipes as you could give me. I've deeply appreciated the support and guidance. The fb page was a great idea - I truly enjoyed posting and connecting. it's been extremely fun to do it together - going it alone is not where it's at. Power in numbers. Much, much love to both of you. XO" -- Doreen S.

"Just a big big thank you hug to you, Dana, and Marc. this has been such a beautiful, embracing experience. The FB community you created has been such a blessing, and your knowledge, caring hearts, and sweet spirits have led us into healing. Sending you love and gratitude." -- Gail

"To Dana Brent and the entire group of loving beings in this group, in Sanskrit there is a word for a group of beings initiated and practicing the same lineage, while we may not have chosen to be initiated into the Lyme lineage here we are, that word is Kula and I consider this a beautiful healing Kula that I have been honored to be a part of. I have long resisted any type of Lyme support group I think I was somewhat in denial and also afraid it would be a group forum for laments I also always feel I can do it on my own,which has its merit but as we all know in this circumstance support, understanding, compassion, and guidance are so needed. I spent way too much time in isolation and am so grateful to have found this amazing group at the time when I am finally ready to be in a Kula of warrior beings managing indescribable hardships. Just that step of allowing myself to participate has been very healing. Blessings and gratitude to you all" -- Joyce K.

"Dana and Brent, you have used your experience to create the most supportive, sensitive, informative, gentle, and loving thing! And I have felt supported just knowing that you and the group is out there. Thank you thank you!! And cleansers, Congrats on even the smallest all gradually adds up!! Take good care all! xo" -- Beth R.

"Dana Walsh and Brent Martin have helped me in ways that transcend the cleanse. I realize how isolated I have felt. The fall cleanse was so nourishing emotionally and this one even more so. It feels wonderful not to be alone and I have appreciated how helpful everyone is. They are a gift to all of us. And I am getting to know many new and lovely Lymies." -- Lynne D.

"I've learned so much on this cleanse! Thank you to Dana and Brent and to all of you friends. I keep hearing Dana in my head saying "Stick with the basics". So helpful! It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like I need to constantly search for the next 'thing' that will help. Dana and Brent, you are gifted teachers. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing network." -- Katie F.

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Disclaimer: Our cleanse is not a prescription. It is an invitation to clean up some draining habits. We are doing this cleanse with you. Please take what you like and leave the rest. And, always consult with your healthcare practitioner to see what's best for you. We are not doctors or practitioners. We are patients that learn from them and share. Information into action!

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Cleanse, Create, Connect

PS... Who said getting healthy can't be fun?