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Brent and Dana with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Seattle, WA

Brent and Dana with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Seattle, WA

What's possible with Lyme Less Live More?

  • Knowledge: A better understanding of your body
  • Action: Foundational tools for recovery
  • Empowerment: A new perspective on illness
  • Connection: A compassionate community

Many are finding this step-wise program to be
a simple and loving process of transformation.

"..please know you are saving lives as much as any other treatment." - Chris
"Great initiative from people with a kind, great heart!" - Martine
"Wow...this is helping me so much to understand my body." - Brenn
"What a beautiful offering of service. The two of you are bright lights in this world." - Dara

Here's the Core Series Line Up:

Caroline Barringer - "Health Begins in the Gut"
Brent Martin - "Metabolic Individuality and the Power of Food" IMG_6502
Marc Weill - "Detox: No Treatment Without It"
Beth Greer - "Detox Your Home to Detox Your Self"

Andy Abrahams Wilson - "Behind the Lens of Under Our Skin"
Dave Asprey - "Upgrade Your Brain to Clear Your Mind"
Connie Strasheim - "How to Heal Your Story"
Julie Schiffman - "Tap Your Way to a Healthier Future"

Paul Chek - "The Hidden Gifts of Lyme Disease"
Dr Beth McDougall - "Exploring the Un-Truth of Illness"
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt - "EMF's, Mental Fields, and Your Immune System"
Dana Walsh - "The Fight vs Deep Surrender"