Repairing and Rebuilding for Lyme Recovery

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Marc Weill Lyme Less Live More Detox GuruMarc Weill (one of our featured experts in our upcoming "Winter Sessions") shares how to properly Cleanse if you've been weakened by Lyme or chronic illness:

"I was unhealthy when I was young. And when I first met
Dr. Bernard Jensen, he always emphasized—and this is what I teach all
the time. I don’t teach my stuff. I teach his stuff with my slant on it
—is it’s a combination of building and cleansing.

And a lot of people get so committed to cleansing that they don’t
remember that they have to be strong to do it because you’re asking
your organs to work harder. And that’s what a cleanse is doing. It’s
taking—whether it’s liver, kidney, skin, lymph—you’re saying, “It’s
time. I would like you guys to kick in and get some of this stuff
out.” But that’s more work.

So a lot of what I’m hoping to give in this first week in the talk that
we give is support so that people can do the job effectively and
suffer as little as possible. Because every time I hear about someone
saying, “I did a cleanse, and it was the worst thing I ever
experienced,” I keep thinking, “They didn’t ever hear what Jensen
practically beat into me.”

I spent a week with him when I was twenty-one years old. And he
said, “If you’re not strong enough to do the cleanse, then you have
to build into it slowly.” And I finally learned that because there were
a couple times I did what everybody wants to do, which is went into
a really heavy cleanse. And I felt terrible. I could hardly get off the

So I try and teach you from my experiences. You don’t want to
suffer that bad. You want to be able to keep a life going. You want to
function. And you want to be able to develop the strength in your
body to pick up each new challenge."

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About Dana and Brent:

Winter Fireside 1Dana Walsh, featured in the Lyme Documentary UNDER OUR SKIN, and Brent Martin (Founders of Lyme Less Live More) identified a giant gap while recovering from Lyme: What to do in-between doctor visits?

Each with a personal Lyme story and both having been down a long road with chronic illness (10 plus years), they recall that time when they felt they were left in the abyss. They realized to reverse an illness, it would take daily care and attention.

Now, with the help of their expert faculty Dana and Brent teach a multi-faceted approach to recovering health that includes self-care, healthy mindset, and conscious awareness.