Prep List

Click here to download the Prep List.

Prep List for the Cleanse:

1. Get a Journal that will last for 6 weeks

2. On the first page:

  • Write your "Why" you are doing this
  • Write your commitments and goals
  • List your current symptoms
  • Record your weight
  • Take a picture of yourself (the “Before")

3. Find a Bottle for water (preferably glass or stainless steel) that makes you
happy to drink from. Start drinking more water today.

4. Make sure you have a Blender to make soups/smoothies and other treats (high
powered if possible)

5. Find a source of organic produce (ideally local and in season).

Go to this website to find your local seasonal options:

6. Tell family members, household members, friends, and co-workers about
your plan for the next 3 weeks. Ask for their support.

7. Clear a shelf in the refrigerator for just YOUR food.

8. Now would be a good time to drink half decaf / half regular coffee to start
weening (if coffee is something you need to minimize).

9. And lastly, just pay attention to what you eat, when you eat, and how you
feel. Particularly on how much you chew (or don't chew) your food. It
makes ALL the difference.