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For Showcase Series Access... Grab your "online" seat next to Dana and Brent as we dive deep into 12 core principles with 12 experts, for overcoming chronic illness in this first-ever weekly showcase series.

Brent and Dana with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Seattle, WA

Brent and Dana with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Seattle, WA

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This 12-Week Showcase Event is Now until May 17!

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Showcase Schedule:

Caroline Barringer - "Health Begins in the Gut" Feb 27 - Mar 1 Get Recordings and Guide
Brent Martin - "Metabolic Individuality and the Power of Food" Mar 6-8 Get Recordings and Guide
Marc Weill - "Detox: No Treatment Without It" Mar 13-15 Get Recordings and Guide
Beth Greer - "Detox Your Home to Detox Your Self" Mar 20-22 Get Recordings and Guide

Andy Abrahams Wilson - "Behind the Lens of Under Our Skin" Mar 27-29 Get Recordings and Guide
Dave Asprey - "Upgrade Your Brain to Clear Your Mind" Apr 3-5 Get Recordings and Guide
Connie Strasheim - "How to Heal Your Story" Apr 10-12 Get Recordings and Guide
Julie Schiffman - "Tap Your Way to a Healthier Future" Apr 17-19 Get Recordings and Guide

Paul Chek - "The Hidden Gifts of Lyme Disease" Apr 24-26 Get Recordings and Guide
Dr Beth McDougall - "Exploring the Un-Truth of Illness" May 1-3 Get Recordings and Guide
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt - "EMF's, Mental Fields, and Your Immune System" May 8-10 Get Recordings and Guide
Dana Walsh - "The Fight vs Deep Surrender" May 15-17 Watch Trailer & Get Access NOW

"..please know you are saving lives as much as any other treatment." - Chris
"Great initiative from people with a kind, great heart!" - Martine
"Wow...this is helping me so much to understand my body." - Brenn
"What a beautiful offering of service. The two of you are bright lights in this world." - Dara

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