"Cleansing With Lyme is Critical" (Full Interview)

with Dr. Sunjya Schweig (Lyme Literate ILADS Medical Doctor)

Seasonal Cleanse Announcements:

1. Our Fall Cleanse Starts November 14. We will email you details as we get closer.

Have Questions?

Q: I am Vegan: Can I do your cleanse?

A: Absolutely! In our Spring cleanse we add in high value foods like soups and smoothies that are vegan and slowly take away many of the foods that can cause inflammation (i.e. sugar, gluten, etc). [See More]...

Q: I am Paleo: Can I do your cleanse?

A: Of course! Our food list includes grass-fed meats and organic poultry, plus wild fish, if you so choose. [See More]...

Q: Is this a fast?

A: No way! In fact, we want you to eat regularly from our OPTIMAL FOOD LIST and maybe try out some of our YUMMY RECIPES too (and cooking videos). It's all about the choices we make. [See More]...

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