Healing the Gut in Lyme Disease Recovery with Caroline Barringer

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Caroline BarringerWhen we called Caroline Barringer to interview her in the Lyme Less Live More Core Series, we knew she was a major force in the world of healing chronic illness (as a collaborator with GAPS-founder Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and a quarter million hits on her Dr Mercola Interview), but after our interview with her we were undoubtedly convinced that Health Really DOES Begin in the Gut.

Did You Know:

  • Our gut lining is the foundation of our immune system
  • Our birth is our first inoculation with healthy flora (have you HEARD of the vaginal gulp?)
  • Our gut health is directly linked to our mood (and swings!)

Unfortunately however, chronic infections and chronic use of antibiotics destroys the gut lining (can you say Catch-22!?). Not to mention everyday pollution, processed foods, stress, and food allergies all tear away at the gut lining allowing undigested food and waste to become reabsorbed into the body. Yikes!

But here's the good news from Caroline... and it rhymes...

"First we weed, seed, and feed, and then we heal and we seal."
- Caroline Barringer, "Health Begins in the Gut," LLLM Core Series

That's the formula for getting back on the path to a healthy gut lining, which encompasses your ability to absorb nutrients from your food, eliminate toxins, and reduce overall body inflammation, all of which are crucial for recovering from Lyme Disease.

Here's a clip from our Lyme Less Live More interview, "Health Begins in the Gut," where she shows us a deeper connection between gut health, Lyme Disease, and our personal discernment, and Brent reveals his explosive past.

Caroline:"The gut’s never going be totally sealed guys. When we’re sick the body will know to open that gut lining and let more nutrients in, so we get well. It’s never statically closed. It just should have the integrity to know and be intact and to have the ability to open and close when it’s right to do so."

Brent: "Let the right things in, keep the wrong things out."


Dana: "Well, that goes for everything in our seminar really -- knowing what thoughts to let in, what people, what environment. It’s holistic, and it really starts with food."

Caroline:"We’re the whole organism. We have to address the entire: mood, body, spirit... the whole being."



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