What a great call with Dr. Jay Davidson (host of the Parasite Summit and Lyme Disease Summit) on eliminating parasites for renewed health! This call was packed with information (replay is posted below). We covered: Types of parasites Places of exposure Key symptoms of parasitic infections Order of treatment How often to treat? Dealing with... Read More

This Summer while attending a fancy networking event, I heard a featured speaker say, “Authenticity is hot right now.”   Hot? Right now? Being authentic is a trend? I had to giggle to myself. Well, if that is the case, I got that marketing pearl covered. Authenticity is one of the gifts that comes from... Read More

Hi LLLM friends! We are just leaving Pasadena after the Bulletproof Conference held by Dave Asprey. Wow! Deepest respect for this man that has come from a pain-riddled infected body to hosting 1,200 people committed to health -- body and mind. We've always had a connection with Dave since his interview with us in the... Read More

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